SEXetera: A hairy situation

May 3, 2019 Kay Ann 0

It’s about time we have a conversation about pubes. That’s right, the hair that grows around your genitals. Vaginas usually have hair that grows on the area surrounding the labia and can reach down to […]

SEXetera: Thick thighs save lives

April 26, 2019 Kay Ann 0

Good news babes: summer is upon us! This means no more shoveling out your car from under a metric buttload of snow or losing appendages to frostbite. It’s officially time to break out the flip-flops […]

SEXetera: So fresh, so clean

April 19, 2019 Kay Ann 0

Let’s talk about some self-care, more specifically the care you take of your downstairs. Vaginas are beautiful and wonderful and perfect just the way they are, but many people I’ve met don’t know how to […]

SEXetera: Slut shaming

March 29, 2019 Kay Ann 0

OK guys. I’m mad, so let’s jump right in to this week’s topic. Sluts. And no, I’m not here to call women out for being promiscuous – I’m here to ask why we still use […]

SEXetera: Tinder Safety

March 15, 2019 Kay Ann 0

As a single woman on a college campus, I am on Tinder. I know – it’s impossible. The sea of poorly lit mirror selfies and cringy bios can make you feel like you’re drowning, but […]

SEXetera: Lesbi-honest

March 1, 2019 Kay Ann 0

Pornhub is a sea of lies when it comes to lesbian sex. About 99 percent of the lesbian porn videos I’ve come across on the internet are clearly pandering to cisgender men who don’t understand […]

SEXetera: The big D

February 14, 2019 Kay Ann 0

Let’s talk about dating. I know it’s terrifying. Just the thought of opening up Tinder on a college campus makes me want to never leave my room. But, here are a few simple tips that […]

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