The Pawgress Report: Cocoa on a cold day

February 16, 2018 Nick Murphy 0

Introducing Cocoa, senior Jackie Salvas’ heartwarming hound. One day during her seventh grade winter break, Salvas was walking home from her grandmother’s house, when she noticed paw prints leading up her walkway to the front […]

The Pawgress Report: A pinch of Ginger

January 26, 2018 Nick Murphy 0

Introducing Ginger, English professor Lynn Parker’s people-pleasing collie mix from Puerto Rico. Parker had her sights set on a mellow-tempered dog. One that would be calm and well suited for walks near a busy road, […]

The Pawgress Report: The floppy-eared Flash

October 27, 2017 Nick Murphy 0

Introducing Flash, political science professor David Smailes’ beloved basset hound. Smailes and his girlfriend Maureen adopted the floppy pup from a rescue shelter in Tennessee. Before long, Flash and the other rescue dogs were transported […]