Ferr or Foul: CFP Expansion?

September 22, 2017 Matt Ferris 0

The NCAA has definitely taken some steps in the right direction and improved its College Football Playoff. And yet somehow, it still just isn’t quite right. The current format allows four teams, picked by a […]

FSU Special Olympics wins poll, $500

September 30, 2016 Julia Sarcinelli 0

Framingham State will be receiving $500 toward this year’s Special Olympics for winning the September 2016 Special Olympics Spotlight Poll by the NCAA and Division III Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Will Reddy, program coordinator […]

Ferr or Foul?: NCAA needs to take action

February 27, 2016 Mike Ferris 0

On Feb. 24, the Arizona Wildcats traveled to Boulder, Colorado and faced off against the Colorado Buffaloes. The Wildcats entered last week ranked ninth in the nation, while the Buffaloes remained unranked. Arizona had a […]