Best of Summer 2021

“Luca” By Austin Riffelmacher, Staff Writer Sea creatures collecting land garbage. Parental figures warning against the human world. Fish living in fear of being eaten for dinner.  Yes, that’s the plot of “The Little Mermaid,” […]

We need more men like Perry Como

April 23, 2021 Steven Bonini 0

Perry Como – you remember him, right?  No? Oh, that’s right – it’s 2021, not 1957! My bad…  Well, I guess I have some explaining to do.  Perry Como was a popular Italian-American entertainer of […]

Yeezus 3:16 – The Gospel of Kanye

November 1, 2019 Jared Graf 0

Following multiple delays, a religious rebirth, and weekly Sunday Service performances, Kanye West released “JESUS IS KING” – a departure from secular music and ninth addition to his critically acclaimed catalog. The profanity free, 11-track […]

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