Ferr or Foul: The Boston Red Sux

May 3, 2019 Matt Ferris 0

After a full month of baseball, the Boston Red Sox have easily been the most disappointing team in the MLB. So far in 2019, the defending World Series Champions have been nothing short of terrible.  […]

Ferr or Foul: Sho time in LA

April 12, 2018 Matt Ferris 0

During the 2018 MLB offseason, there were many big name players looking to sign mega deals, like JD Martinez, Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta and Eric Hosmer. But what looks like the best deal so far […]

Ferr or Foul?: Utley was right

October 17, 2015 Mike Ferris 0

Baseball is on the verge of becoming an endangered sport because it lacks the excitement and contact that a lot of other sports have. In recent years, baseball has taken collisions at home plate out […]