Ferr or Foul: Any “Volunteers?”

November 30, 2017 Matt Ferris 0

On Sunday afternoon, the Tennessee Volunteers had agreed to terms with a new head football coach. Tennessee Athletic Director John Currie and Ohio State Defensive Coordinator Greg Schiano each signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing […]

Ferr or Foul: CFP Predictions

October 27, 2017 Matt Ferris 0

In anticipation of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee releasing its first rankings on Tuesday, Oct. 31, I thought it’d be appropriate to reveal who should be in the College Football Playoff if it started […]

Ferr or Foul: USA out of 2018 WC

October 13, 2017 Matt Ferris 0

Following a 2-1 loss on Oct. 10, the United States men’s national soccer team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Team USA played a total of 10 qualifying matches, in what is known […]

Ferr or Foul: NBA Offseason

September 29, 2017 Matt Ferris 0

The 2017 NBA offseason has been one of the most active in recent memory. The Golden State Warriors have clearly set the bar, and now, it’s become an arms race to see who can catch […]

Ferr or Foul: CFP Expansion?

September 22, 2017 Matt Ferris 0

The NCAA has definitely taken some steps in the right direction and improved its College Football Playoff. And yet somehow, it still just isn’t quite right. The current format allows four teams, picked by a […]

Ferr or foul? Grades from the deadline

February 24, 2017 Mike Ferris 0

Boston – D – The Celtics are contenders in the East right now, but not really. Standing-wise you can’t argue that they’re in second place but talent-wise and personnel-wise its Cleveland’s conference and no one […]

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