SEXetera: Thick thighs save lives

April 26, 2019 Kay Ann 0

Good news babes: summer is upon us! This means no more shoveling out your car from under a metric buttload of snow or losing appendages to frostbite. It’s officially time to break out the flip-flops […]

A slow ride with Mary Jane

April 26, 2019 Thomas Maye 0

It was 4/20 at the time of writing this, the nation’s annual festival for Snoop Dogg, our lord and savior. Along with recreational pot use, many people self-medicate by using marijuana – but now that […]

The whole 8.23 meters

April 26, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

Recently, an op/ed was published by my colleague at The Gatepost highlighting the perceived folly of using both the Metric and Imperial Systems, and the problems when using them together. In the article, the writer […]

Stop & Strike

April 26, 2019 Evan Lee 0

On a gloomy Easter eve, with heavy morning rain and sporadic afternoon showers, the workers of Stop & Shop along Old Connecticut Path gathered around a barren parking lot. Awaiting each of them at the […]

What happy fRAMily?

April 19, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

One of Framingham State’s biggest advertising buzzwords is the fRAMily. The fRAMily is the idea that student connection is a foundation of the University – a commonly accepted and encouraged aspect of student life on […]

SEXetera: So fresh, so clean

April 19, 2019 Kay Ann 0

Let’s talk about some self-care, more specifically the care you take of your downstairs. Vaginas are beautiful and wonderful and perfect just the way they are, but many people I’ve met don’t know how to […]

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