A degree is a degree

September 20, 2019 McKenzie Ward 2

The brutally honest truth – when you are 40 years old, no one will actually care where you went to college.  Last year, during my senior year of high school, I was so excited to […]

SMC: Social Media Consumption

September 20, 2019 Patrick Brady 0

Overeating can cause somebody to gain weight, whereas undereating can make someone lose weight. But each option has consequences. If people overeat, they might become overweight or obese. And if people lose too much weight, […]

Bork Laser, please stop

September 20, 2019 Robert Johnson Jr. 0

It’s a Monday night, and you have the sudden urge to watch wrestling. All of your favorite sitcoms are on hiatus, being replaced by reality competitions that generate viral discussions on the internet. You have […]

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