Opinion: Not worth the risk

October 25, 2013 Bradley Leuchte 0

MDMA, “A centrally active phenethylamine derivative related to amphetamine and methamphetamine, with central nervous system excitant and hallucinogenic properties” according to Drugs.com, or “Molly,” is a street drug that can be consumed in powder or […]

Opinion: Halloween Blues

October 25, 2013 Mark Wadland 0

Some parents are very liberal when it comes to their kids going out for Halloween. Some will let their kids go trick-or-treating alone, or go with friends, which, I think, can be a lot of […]

Opinion: Cut Congress’ salaries

October 18, 2013 Mark Strom 0

For those of you who are not aware, the government shutdown ended yesterday. While I’m glad it’s finally over with, it doesn’t change the fact that the entire situation was utterly disgraceful. Our international credibility […]

Need for speed: Wanted

October 18, 2013 Mark Wadland 0

The Internet connection in residence halls comes and goes. Unfortunately, this affects my ability to do school work. Research papers are a big part of an English major’s life. This is a problem when I […]

Enforce the tobacco policy

October 4, 2013 Mark Wadland 0

I do not like smoking. I do not enjoy the smell of cigarettes or their potentially deadly health effects. Unfortunately, cigarettes are legal in this society. It is a fact I have learned to accept. […]

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