A is for addiction

October 11, 2019 Lauren Paolini 0

One of my most vivid memories from kindergarten is sitting in a circle with my classmates and discussing what emotion we were feeling that day. Fast forward to my college career, and I can confidently […]

The truth about Columbus

October 11, 2019 McKenzie Ward 0

How did a man who never even stepped foot in the United States somehow get an entire holiday dedicated to him finding it?  Take everything you learned about Christopher Columbus and throw it out. It […]

Let stickers be our salvation

October 4, 2019 Thomas Maye 0

I did not consent to an 11 a.m. electric boogie session, but as the crowd hurtled toward me, I couldn’t avoid it. I walked up the hill, across the street, and toward the McCarthy Center. […]

If you’re pro-choice, then act like it

October 4, 2019 Nadira Wicaksana 0

We’ve all heard people say they’re “pro-choice” and immediately follow that up with “NOT pro-abortion.” Whether it’s to appease pro-lifers or their own consciences, it’s evident these people believe the worst thing that can happen […]

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