My uterus, my choice

October 9, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

As I scrolled aimlessly through Facebook last Thursday night, something caught my eye. “An open message to my Republican colleagues.” It was a Facebook post from Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth urging her Republican colleagues not […]

A thank you to the women before me

October 2, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

On Sept. 18, the Associated Press reported, “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87.” At first, I didn’t believe it. Although I knew Justice Ginsburg had faced several health complications over the years, […]

More than their pasts

This week, President Donald Trump reached a new low in presidential debates when he attacked Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s about his son – Hunter Biden – rather than his policies and proposals.  When Trump decided […]

My mended relationships

September 25, 2020 Caroline Gordon 0

She has dark brown hair with almost inky eyes and a curvy physique. I have highlighted brown hair, with eyes the color of light roast coffee and an athletic build. Most have said we look […]

No time for “I don’t care”

September 18, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

One of the most exciting days of my elementary school career was during early November in 2008 in my 1st grade teacher’s classroom. I understand how that may be considered oddly specific, but I remember […]

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