Ending the cycle of toxicity

March 12, 2021 McKenzie Ward 0

In February 2020, I made one of the most difficult life choices and decided to end my three-year relationship with someone who I thought was “my person.”   For years I had heard from friends, family, […]

Not a fad diet

March 4, 2021 Ashley Wall 0

Two years ago, I found myself falling asleep after every meal.  Regardless of what I ate, my mind would become so clouded that I couldn’t focus on my academics or frankly, anything. My muscles would […]

On optimism

March 4, 2021 Emily Rosenberg 0

As an 11 year old, when I couldn’t sleep at night, I would think of how I would write my college application essay as an open letter to world leaders.  ‘Dear Leaders of the world: […]

Offensive tweets and genocide

February 18, 2021 James Barraford 0

Gina Carano has been fired from the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian.” She posted a black-and-white photograph of a battered Jewish woman running in her undergarments from a mob of Nazis. The caption above the photo […]

Investing in yourself

February 18, 2021 McKenzie Ward 0

So 2020 was my year of “What else could possibly go wrong?” and I swear God gave me another six traumatic events and simply told me, “Deal with it.”   By October, I was mentally drained. […]

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