‘Ms. Rosenberg’

April 2, 2021 Emily Rosenberg 0

Rosenberg is a surname of German descent. It means “Mountain of Roses.”  When read on paper, some people see “Jew.” Or “Jewbegger.” Or “K***.”  Or  “Auschwitz.”  Throughout my life, people have looked at my name […]

One of the 97%

March 25, 2021 McKenzie Ward 0

Phone? Check.   Wallet? Check.  My pink pepper spray canister that I have carried with me since I was 15? Check.   On March 3, 33-year-old Sarah Everard was walking home from Brixton in England at 9 […]

Ending the cycle of toxicity

March 12, 2021 McKenzie Ward 0

In February 2020, I made one of the most difficult life choices and decided to end my three-year relationship with someone who I thought was “my person.”   For years I had heard from friends, family, […]

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