February 8, 2014 Spencer Harry 0

One Saturday night I found myself at the local AMC Natick theatre sitting amongst an assembly of women ages 17 to 24 and a sprinkling of boyfriends with bewildered looks on their faces. I, too, […]

Movie review: ‘Reasonable Doubt’

February 8, 2014 Mark Wadland 0

“Reasonable Doubt” stars Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Clinton Davis, a mentally disturbed killer, opposite Dominic Cooper, who plays Mitch Brockden, a prominent lawyer who accidentally commits a hit and run while driving home drunk […]

Reining in the Year of the Horse

January 31, 2014 Scott Calzolaio 0

Reverberating beats pulsated from the large “seven-star” drum and mini-gong as the Boston Chinese Freemasons brought the traditional Lion Dance to FSU for the Lunar New Year on Wednesday, marking the beginning of the year […]

Movie review: ‘Her’

January 24, 2014 Michael B. Murphy 0

There were so many ways for Spike Jonez’s “Her” to have gone wrong. First off, “Her” is a love story that is equal parts romantic comedy and dramatic character study. Jonez had a fine line […]

Summer Strong

December 6, 2013 Lauren Campbell 0

The FSU field hockey team walks onto the field, stand in line and listens to their starting lineup, with one pint-sized player standing at the end of the line. She smiles and waves to the […]

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