Bork Laser, please stop

September 20, 2019 Robert Johnson Jr. 0

It’s a Monday night, and you have the sudden urge to watch wrestling. All of your favorite sitcoms are on hiatus, being replaced by reality competitions that generate viral discussions on the internet. You have […]

Summertime Slowness

September 13, 2019 Robert Johnson Jr. 0

Summer is a great time for a lot of things.  For me, it’s a great time to catch up on video games I didn’t get to play during the semester and TV shows that I […]

Dangerously disappointing

April 26, 2019 Robert Johnson Jr. 0

Fans of racing games rejoice – “Dangerous Driving” is finally here after many years of roadblocks and development hitches. If you’re someone like me, you grew up on the “Burnout” series of games – a […]

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