Free speech or safe spaces?

April 3, 2016 Phil McMullin 0

Tennessee Republican Rep. Martin Daniel tried to pass a bill called the “Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act.” His goal was to “guarantee all students the right to express themselves on college campuses, whether their […]

Free college?

February 26, 2016 Phil McMullin 0

Next fall, the University is launching the pilot program of a policy which will limit certain students who are employed on campus to 20 hours of work per week. While this involves IRS regulations, it […]

What we can learn from Scalia

February 25, 2016 Phil McMullin 0

When the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara was face-to-face with his executioner, he said to the man about to kill him, “Shoot, coward. You are only going to kill a man.” Moments later, Guevara was dead. […]

Is porn liberating?

February 13, 2016 Phil McMullin 0

For centuries, women have been told to conceal their bodies and men and women have been sexually oppressed. Feminist icons in each generation have been exposing more of their bodies and wearing their sexuality on […]

Caucuses are Complicated

February 7, 2016 Phil McMullin 0

I mean, really super annoyingly complicated. The Democratic and Republican parties hold separate national conventions each election year to determine the final two presidential candidates who compete in the general election. Each state has a […]

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