Would you “Stand by Me”

February 14, 2020 Patrick Brady 0

By Patrick Brady Staff Writer Rob Reiner’s classic 1986 film, “Stand by Me,” is one of the greatest coming-of-age films ever made. The film stars Wil Wheaton as Gordie, a boy who is dealing with […]

525,600 Minutes of Anxiety

October 25, 2019 Patrick Brady 0

Anxiety can follow us around like a lion stalking its prey. If you separate yourself from the lion, it won’t harm you. But if you venture too close to it, it will pounce. According to […]

Men’s Soccer drops to 4-6

October 4, 2019 Patrick Brady 0

The Framingham State men’s soccer team lost 1-2 to Springfield College Sept. 30.  Framingham got the kickoff and was immediately fouled by Springfield.  During the first half – and much of the second – Framingham […]

A short response to a tall issue

October 4, 2019 Patrick Brady 0

I’m currently around 6 feet 2 inches barefoot, 180-ish pounds, and am taller than most people I come across. With that being said, you may be wondering if I’m self-conscious about my height. Well, the […]

SMC: Social Media Consumption

September 20, 2019 Patrick Brady 0

Overeating can cause somebody to gain weight, whereas undereating can make someone lose weight. But each option has consequences. If people overeat, they might become overweight or obese. And if people lose too much weight, […]

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