Put students first

April 22, 2022 McKenzie Ward 0

Anyone who knows me could tell you that I have a deep and passionate love for higher education, and yes, I know I’m crazy about it.   My love for higher education is specifically focused on […]

Save our future

April 15, 2022 McKenzie Ward 0

Each day, we get closer and closer to making Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale” reality, and it is beyond terrifying.  On April 7, 2022, 26-year-old Lizelle Herrera was arrested by police for performing a “self-induced […]

Addressing Holocaust trivialization

February 12, 2022 McKenzie Ward 0

Between 1941 to 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators orchestrated a genocide that systematically murdered over 6 million Jewish people and millions of others. Not only did the Nazi party target Jewish people, but they […]

“Look twice, save a life”

October 29, 2021 McKenzie Ward 0

By McKenzie Ward Opinions Editor Every time my boyfriend Charlie lets me know he’s going on his motorcycle – I always tell him “Be safe and come home in one piece.” I don’t say this […]

The devastation of addiction

October 22, 2021 McKenzie Ward 0

Jimmy Hayes, a native from Dorchester, played seven seasons for the NHL, two of those with the Boston Bruins, and was well loved by Boston locals.  On Aug. 23, 2021, Hayes died at only 31 […]

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