No time for “I don’t care”

September 18, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

One of the most exciting days of my elementary school career was during early November in 2008 in my 1st grade teacher’s classroom. I understand how that may be considered oddly specific, but I remember […]

A battle with a mirror

May 1, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

“Quarantine 15 is the new freshmen 15.” “Due to coronavirus, my summer body will be postponed until 2021.” “If you haven’t lost weight all quarantine, you can only blame yourself. There’s still time to make […]

Your vacation can wait

March 27, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

As the threat of the coronavirus increases throughout the world, we have been desperately urged to practice social distancing in order to limit the spread of infection and flatten the curve. In doing my part, […]

More than just five stages

January 31, 2020 McKenzie Ward 0

I sat in the cafeteria of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. over my January break when a tsunami of grief swallowed my family. News of my great Aunt Patty’s death poured through the cracks […]

Strive for a 5

December 6, 2019 McKenzie Ward 0

During my four years in high school, I took five Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Advanced Placement is a program run by College Board, a non-profit organization that allows high school students to take college courses […]

What happens when we forget?

November 16, 2019 McKenzie Ward 0

Twelve states. One would think that in the United States, there would be mandatory education about the Holocaust. But currently, there are only 12 states that require it. Massachusetts is not one. According to a […]

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