The whole 8.23 meters

April 26, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

Recently, an op/ed was published by my colleague at The Gatepost highlighting the perceived folly of using both the Metric and Imperial Systems, and the problems when using them together. In the article, the writer […]

‘You vs. Wild’ surprisingly tame

April 19, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

In “You vs. Wild,” the viewer controls the actions of Bear Grylls, combat veteran, outdoorsman, and expert survivalist, to help him survive and thrive in the harshest environments in the world. “You vs. Wild” employs […]

What happy fRAMily?

April 19, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

One of Framingham State’s biggest advertising buzzwords is the fRAMily. The fRAMily is the idea that student connection is a foundation of the University – a commonly accepted and encouraged aspect of student life on […]

New year, new garden

April 5, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

It’s springtime and that means three things: the birds are singing me awake an hour before my alarm, the bees building a hive in my car are actually wasps, and it’s time for me to […]

An open letter to evil

March 29, 2019 Gordon Rupert 0

Every April 1 we celebrate the farce that is April Fool’s Day – a dedication to sadism, internet hoaxes, and societal hazing. Let’s first take our focus on the sadistic aspect of April Fool’s Day […]

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