On optimism

March 4, 2021 Emily Rosenberg 0

As an 11 year old, when I couldn’t sleep at night, I would think of how I would write my college application essay as an open letter to world leaders.  ‘Dear Leaders of the world: […]

Shouting ‘Fire’ in a movie theater

February 12, 2021 Emily Rosenberg 0

On Jan. 7, one day after the Capitol siege,  Democrats and leftists alike rejoiced as former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was permanently suspended from the platform after years of abusive and questionable content, while […]

Social Media is not News

February 4, 2021 Emily Rosenberg 0

We can all admit to having spent more time in a day scrolling through social media than reading. No matter how many times my mom responds “…Facebook” when I ask what she’s reading, nothing will […]

The Trumpian Flag

December 10, 2020 Emily Rosenberg 0

Recently I’ve become obsessed with the old show, “The West Wing.” It tells the story of an idealist, democratic White House administration and one day they take a trip to LA where they hear a […]

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