Student charged with drug violation

November 21, 2014 Alexandra Gomes 0

An abandoned bag of marijuana led to two students being charged with possession of FSU property, taking campus resources and endangering health and safety. One of them has been charged with violating FSU’s drug policy. […]

Letter to the Editor

November 14, 2014 Alexandra Gomes 0

I am writing in response to how our campus community has responded to one student’s decision to exercise her “freedom of speech” and dress as a victim of domestic violence for Halloween. It saddens me […]

Pioneers of FSU

October 31, 2014 Alexandra Gomes 0

The Henry Whittemore Library is the site of Framingham State’s new exhibit called “FSU Pioneers,” which highlights 12 alumni who were considered to be pioneers of education. The exhibit opened late Tuesday afternoon, and was […]

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