Metroid Dread – a triumphant redemption

October 29, 2021 Sean Cabot 0

By Sean Cabot Staff Writer “Metroid” should probably be a bigger deal, right? Here’s a series that both revolutionized 2D action-platforming and featured one of the first major examples of a female protagonist in gaming: […]

Poetry Slam a smash hit

October 29, 2021 Ryan OConnell 0

By Ryan O’Connell Interim Asst. Arts & Features Editor By Emma Lyons Editorial Staff The English Department recently held an advertised open-mic poetry night at Sandella’s Flatbread Café, Oct. 22. Lisa Eck, chair of the […]

WDJM open mic night is a fun time

October 29, 2021 Emily Rosenberg 0

By Emily Rosenberg Arts & Features Editor With students dressed as astronauts, animals, movie characters, and celebrities, WDJM hosted a spooky Open Mic night on Oct. 26 in the Forum.  Performances ranged from a small […]

Rams Volleyball wins 3-1 against RIC

October 29, 2021 Tyler Wahl 0

By Tyler Wahl Interim Asst. Sports Editor The Framingham State Volleyball team continued their strong close to the season against the Rhode Island College Anchormen in a 3-1 win Oct. 26. The team pulled out […]

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