CELTSS selects new leaders

April 23, 2021 Haley Hadge 0

The director and assistant director for the Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, Scholarship, and Service (CELTSS) for the 2021-22 academic year will be Professors Lina Rincón and Lissa Bollettino, according to an email announcement […]

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2021 Ashley Wall 0

Dear FSU community members,  During this week’s SGA open forum, a student came forward with concerns regarding an Instagram post featuring the front page of our Oct. 16 issue.  The purpose of open forum is […]

We need more men like Perry Como

April 23, 2021 Steven Bonini 0

Perry Como – you remember him, right?  No? Oh, that’s right – it’s 2021, not 1957! My bad…  Well, I guess I have some explaining to do.  Perry Como was a popular Italian-American entertainer of […]

Reducing the three billion

April 23, 2021 Briana Wrubleski 0

Three billion animals are slaughtered every day worldwide for human consumption. The number three billion is roughly half of the world’s human population.  This number is heart-stopping to me, is it to you?  It makes […]

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