YUNGBLUD embraces his ‘weird’ side with his new album

Dominic Harrison, better known as YUNGBLUD, released his second studio album, “weird!” Dec. 4 and he did not disappoint.

The England native produced yet another incredible coming of age album targeted toward his fans.

The flamboyant and quirky musician has been known in the past to write deep and meaningful lyrics while simultaneously bringing a fun and upbeat tune to accompany his otherwise depressing and heart-breaking tracks.

YUNGBLUD is also no stranger to writing about the experiences his fans tell him while he is on tour or through fan letters and this album is no different.

One of the most powerful songs lyrically comes early on the album in the song “mars.” The song, as YUNGBLUD has told several media outlets, was inspired by a transgendered fan he met on The Vans Warped Tour a few years ago. He said the fan’s parents were unaccepting of their daughter and that affected her greatly.

“Every morning she would wake up with another plan / Yeah, her Mom and Dad, they couldn’t understand / Why she couldn’t turn it off, become a better man,” YUNGBLUD sings in the second verse.

The album also brought back the dynamic trio with YUNGBLUD, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), and Travis Barker. The artists have been featured together in several songs and records over the past two years and have produced absolute bangers. Their song, “acting like that,” is no different.

YUNGBLUD said the song was written when he and MGK got together after Juice Wrld passed away in December 2019. He said life is short and they ended up writing a song about living every day as if it was your last.

The album also has its fair share of upbeat party-like tracks with less depressing lyrics. Songs like “superdeadfriends,” and “strawberry lipstick,” consist of heavy beats and head-bopping lyrics. Both tracks include heavy bass and drum beats along with strong vocals.

The singer slows down the record while sharing his perceptions of love despite growing up in an abusive household and how his ex-girlfriend, Halsey, changed his preconceived notions.

The slow acoustic guitar followed by YUNGBLUD coming down to earth with simple and intimate vocals makes “love song,” one of the best tracks on the album.

“All I learned growing up was that love chewed me up / Spit me out on the pavement next to the cuts / And the blood that my mom and dad would / Always take out on each other,” starts off the song before the chorus brings in light drums.

“Sweetheart, you are / changing my mind,” the pre-chorus signals towards Halsey’s affect on him before the chorus goes, “Nobody taught me how to love myself / So how can I love somebody else? / There ain’t no excuses / I swеar that I’m doing my best.”

The album concludes with the heaviest track on the record, “the freak show,” which perfectly displays that YUNGBLUD has not only progressed as a person but as a vocalist while keeping with his wild and unconventional personality.

“I refuse to be taken the typical way / So welcome to the freak show / I hope that you find yourself today,” he sings, refusing to be what society would view as “normal” and he wants everyone who listens to his music to be the same.

YUNGBLUD has always been an advocate for people being true to themselves, even if it means alienation. That message comes across in tracks like, “cotton candy,” and “charity.”

“Cotton candy,” while it is a relatively upbeat track, hints toward the singer and his recent discovery that he is both pansexual and polyamorous. YUNGBLUD came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community this past month.

“Tallulah knows that she’s not the only one I’m holding close / On the low, I get vertigo from body overdose / So tell me your name, and tell me your problems / I got the same,” YUNGBLUD sings in the intro.

“Weird!” is the perfect album to get anyone through the chaotic rollercoaster ride 2020 has taken us on.

Grade: A+

Who said being weird has to be a bad thing?