The Winchester brothers tug on our heartstrings one last time

After 15 years, 15 seasons, and 327 episodes, the show that has been held so near-and-dear to so many people – “Supernatural” – has finally come to a jaw-dropping end. 

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, and Misha Collins – who played the three main characters – announced in March 2019 that the 15th season would be the show’s last. The final episode was scheduled to air in May 2020, but was put on hold until November due to the COVID-19 pandemic halting filming. 

Sam and Dean Winchester – played by Padelecki and Ackles respectively – spend the entirety of the season facing their toughest foe yet – Chuck, otherwise known as God, and trying to save their world from the apocalypse Chuck has promised. 

While the storyline of the series finale may be cliché due to the idea that one can outrun their own destiny, it is the perfect way to wrap up a show about two monster-hunting brothers – as it makes the rest of the show come together. 

Throughout the entire series, fans have asked why Sam and Dean were the chosen ones and why were they so special. While several seasons tried to explain, it wasn’t until the final season we learned the true reason why Sam and Dean were so important.

The simple truth – they were God’s favorites.

The storyline throughout the final season was, for lack of better words, epic. Who doesn’t love watching a good old-fashioned final showdown between the creator of the universe and two of his creations?

We were visited by characters many thought we would never see again: Lucifer, Michael, Eileen, Amara, and the Winchester’s half-brother, Adam. 

We were even able to watch Sam and Dean drive around in everyone’s favorite character, Baby – the iconic, fan favorite, 1967 Chevy Impala – one last time, and we still got the laughter amidst all the darkness surrounding the events of the final season.

The acting throughout the final season was just like the rest of the series – phenomenal. 

Ackles, Pedelecki, and Collins have been in these roles for 10-plus years, and every season their acting seemed only to get better. 

The final season also included real-world scenarios into episodes from jokes about out-going President Donald J. Trump, to the ghost of John Wayne Gacy haunting a small midwestern town.

The show wrapped up so perfectly in that, without giving away the ending, the final scene is Sam and Dean, on the bridge they stood on in the pilot, and their closing lines in the series were the same lines from their first interaction in the entire show.

However, no show that has been around for 15 years is going to make everyone happy.

Sam and Dean, without giving too much away, had ending storylines that were not ideal for many fans.

Not to mention the “Destiel” controversy fans are still arguing about on Twitter.

However, as fans listened to the show’s most recognizable song, “Carry on My Wayward Son,” by Kansas one last time, I think it is accurate to say there was not one fan who didn’t get at least a little emotional.

So many storylines were finally wrapped up, and being able to see where Sam’s and Dean’s lives went after their showdown with Chuck was something the fan base was not expecting.

As the stage lights go out for the last time after 15 years of a devoted and loving fan base, it is impossible to summarize the entire show in one article.

As a fan of the show, I have no problem admitting the series finale left me in tears, whether they were happy or sad tears, I will leave up to interpretation.

Not every fan may be thrilled with the ending. But, I think every “Supernatural” superfan can agree that no show will ever replace the part the series takes in their hearts. 

Grade: A-

Carry on my wayward Winchesters.