Unity during uncertainty

With the 2020 presidential election only a few days away, those living in the United States find themselves at the breaking point.  

Many believe once the dust clears, Inauguration Day comes, and the chaos that is the 2020 election is behind us, we will come together as a nation and civilization will go back to “normal.”

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible that the damage caused to this country over the past four years will disappear overnight. It is going to take time, and all of us working together to bring the United States back to being a place rooted in prosperity and kindness.

While many believe the results will determine whether issues such as systemic racism, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ protections will be resolved – this couldn’t be further than the truth.

The truth is – a presidential election is not going to decide whether these issues are resolved.

As of Oct. 29, presidential election polls produced by The New York Times shows Biden leading in the Electoral College vote. 

Regardless, we won’t know the results of the election until days or weeks after the polls close. 

It is up to us to continue to address issues impacting the lives and livelihoods of our neighbors.

Voting President Donald Trump out of office is not going to be the end all be all for our nation’s problems. 

Perhaps the most important issue we face is climate change. No matter the cause of our planet’s sickness, it is our responsibility to care for its health. 

If we fail, we will not have a planet to live on and we will not be able to address other issues. 

The solution to climate change lies in each individual being aware of their impact on the environment. We can all recycle, reduce, and reuse in order to help our planet. 

Perhaps a more important responsibility we as citizens have is speaking out about companies’ and governments’ actions that contribute to climate change. 

It doesn’t matter who becomes our president – we still need to discuss climate change with our elected representatives.

Racism is another issue which the government alone cannot solve. 

Each individual is responsible for determining how they respond to racism. Awareness is the first step on a long path to eradicating racism from the public sphere.

It is our responsibility as citizens to raise these issues with our elected representatives and instigate change. 

Solutions start with the people – not the halls of Congress. 

No matter who is elected to serve as the nation’s next president, we still need to address the systemic racism that is deeply rooted in our country.

It is just as important to address gender-related rights in our nation. 

Despite non-binary genders starting to be recgonized, there is still work our country needs to do to protect gender-related rights. 

We are reaching a point that very well may set us back decades. With issues such as  reproductive rights for those with uteruses, LGBTQ+ protections, and access to affordable health care all on the line, we need bipartisanship more than ever.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s refusal to share her opinions on abortion, birth control, and in vitro fertilization speaks to the danger our country currently faces due to the power of her new position as a Supreme Court Justice. 

This confirmation will far outlast Trump’s presidency and holds much greater weight than any other change he has enacted thus far.

It doesn’t matter who becomes our president – reproductive rights and LGBTQ+ protections need to be fought for.

These issues are so much larger than left or right, red or blue, Democratic or Republican – these are human issues.

Over the summer, we truly saw the worst in people. Both sides, drastically divided by politics, hurting each other, and furthering the divide which was already too wide to begin with.

We need to look at this as the height of our political divide. We cannot afford to let this devastation get worse when there are lives on the line. 

This problem is bigger than us, it is bigger than politics, it is bigger than Trump v. Biden and it will not be over come Nov. 3.

It cannot be on the shoulders of one man, Trump or Biden, to fix the problems that have been rooted in this country since long before any of us were alive.

These issues started plaguing our country long before Trump was elected, and they are likely to continue regardless of who wins this upcoming Tuesday.

It is up to all of us – together.

We need to erase the line that divides us. 

We need to put our party affiliations aside. 

We need to come together as one nation to make our country a place we all can be proud to call home.