National Day on Writing events will be held remotely

CASA and the English department will host events in recognition of the National Day on Writing Oct. 20.

The interactive activities, which are typically held in the McCarthy Center, will instead operate in a virtual space between noon and 4 p.m.

According to English Professor Patricia Lynne, “The National Day on Writing was established in 2009 by The National Council of Teachers of English. The whole idea was that, as part of literacy education, they felt there was a lot of attention paid to reading, but not much attention paid to writing – not much celebration of writing.”

She added, “The whole point was to do things that would celebrate and support writing.”

FSU community members can contribute to Chalkboard Acronyms and Six-Word Memoirs via Jamboard. Where I Write Photos and a Photo Caption Contest with prizes will be hosted over Instagram.

English Professor Lorianne DiSabato said the annual events are sponsored by CASA, the English department and its First-Year Writing Committee, as well as the National Council of Teachers of English.

She said because of the COVID-19 pandemic, writing is more important than ever.

“We do Zoom calls, we’re talking in person, but a lot of people are communicating through other ways. Everyone is still writing, and so, why not take a day and celebrate the various ways that we write?

“Traditionally, we would have an in-person event that would be outside McCarthy Center,” DiSabato added. “The challenge this year – because so much stuff on campus is virtual – was to figure out ways to engage online.”

It was important for the First-Year Writing Committee to continue the event in a virtual space.

Lynne said, “COVID-19 makes doing it [the event] face-to-face far too risky and our participation was likely to be much lower.”

Allison Chisholm, academic support coordinator at CASA, said, “Historically, it’s been hosted in the entrance of the McCarthy Center. Over the years, we have been able to interact with so many students, faculty, and staff. 

“This event allows space for folks to experiment with their writing, as well as their relationship to writing. It is important for us to continue our yearly events, even in a remote environment.”

Chisholm added, “I hope that the National Day on Writing reminds folks that writing is so much more than just academic writing. Of course, academic writing is important – but it’s also how we communicate and express ourselves.”

Lynne said, “We really enjoy doing this every year – it’s always on Oct. 20 – and we love having the student participation, so that’s really the big thing.”

The National Day on Writing activities can be found through the following links: 

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