SGA addresses Administrators’ Forum and homecoming schedule: Issues raised on vegan options on mobile dining app

Student Trustee McKenzie Ward announced at the meeting Oct. 7 that there will be an Administrators’ Forum on Zoom Oct. 20.

“I am hoping you’ll be able to directly send your questions to the admins,” she said.

Ward said administrators currently attending the forum include President F. Javier Cevallos, Vice President of Alumni Relations Eric Gustafson, Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement Constanza Cabello, Executive Vice President Dale Hamel, and Dining Services General Manager Aretha Phillips.

Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Capital Planning Patricia Whitney, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Ellen Zimmerman, Health Center Director Illene Hofrenning, and Director of Community Standards Jay Hurtubise will also be attending the forum.

SGA Vice President Abigail Salvucci said she wants to raise awareness about the need for vegan meals to be more accessible on the mobile app with Phillips. 

“A lot of the meals at the school are already just kind of forced to have meat when they don’t need to have them,” said Salvucci.

She said she is brainstorming solutions to this issue to bring up at the meeting for Dining Services at Administrators’ Forum.

Senator Eryca Carrier also said she is concerned about the quality of vegan options at the Dining Commons right now and believes the number needs to be expanded.

She added, “Frankly, when I order food at the Dining Hall, it’s not a matter of what I want to eat. It’s what I can eat that night.”

Carrier said there needs to be more clarification on the mobile ordering app as well.

SGA President Olivia Beverlie suggested asking the administrators at the Oct. 20 forum about Framingham State University Police (FSUPD) bias training.

According to Carrier, FSUPD officers are still not wearing their masks at all times.

Carrier said, “I talked about this last meeting, but I’m still seeing lots of officers roaming campus without masks.”

Beverlie said, “Chief Medeiros did get back to me after our last meeting fairly quickly.”

According to Beverlie, Medeiros said, “I will definitely make sure to speak with my staff, just to make sure everyone’s following Mass guidelines, because we all want to promote safety.”

Carrier said Zoom attendance with teachers should be brought up as well, due to the fact that students are being penalized for not turning their cameras or mics on for participation credit during classes.

“Those are accessibility issues, whether we want to acknowledge them as accessibility issues or not,” Carrier said.

Ward said, “Right now, we need to be more flexible than ever and understand that there are issues and not everyone has the privilege of being able to be in an environment for class time.”

Ward believes the Administrators’ Forum is a great way to communicate with the administrators about what is going on and to improve conditions on campus.

Beverlie discussed open officer seats for the Classes of 2022 and 2024.

Beverlie asked the senate whether the election to fill the open seats should occur now or wait till next fall.

Senator Emma Sullivan motioned to hold the election next fall. This motion was passed unanimously.

SGA members discussed ways for new senators to conduct themselves.

Beverlie presented to the SGA members the dos and don’ts for how they run things.

During Parliamentary Procedure, Beverlie talked about Robert’s Rules of Order as well.

Beverlie said, “We use this to make sure everyone’s voices are heard and so we can have a debate.”

Salvucci discussed a report on anti-racist work and equity work within the Constitution.

SGA Club Advisor Sara Gallegos spoke to SGA about Homecoming events for next week.

“It’s not 100% a huge Homecoming because we don’t have a sport attached to it. But, we will be having something Tuesday to Friday of next week,” said Gallegos.

The week consists of designing your own mask on Tuesday, mini golf on Larned Beach on Wednesday, and stuff a bear on Thursday. M.I.S.S. is hosting a drive-in movie on Thursday evening. Pumpkin-painting kits will be available on Friday.

“Not your typical Homecoming, but at least it’s something,” said Gallegos.

Gallegos also announced there is a new student organization called Best Buddies.

According to an email from Student Involvement, Best Buddies is all about “getting together to connect to those who may not be comfortable interacting socially with others who are.”

Ward added, “I wanted to remind everyone to register to vote. To be able to vote, you have to register by next Wednesday.”

[Editor’s Note: McKenzie Ward is Opinions editor of The Gatepost]