Letter from the Editor

To our student athletes, 

There’s no question that this semester is different than any other in the history of FSU. The decision to cancel fall sports based on MASCAC restrictions and NCAA guidelines is heartbreaking, to say the least. Losing the chance to participate in sporting competitions is something no one could have predicted a year ago, and is something I wish more than anything that I could change for all of our student athletes. Our athletes are not athletes exclusively – you are students, you are community members, you are performers, gamers, artists, teachers. You do so much more that deserves recognition. While I alone cannot get you back onto the fields playing with your teammates, I can ensure The Gatepost will feature student athletes, and especially seniors, in a larger spotlight than typically seen in our sports section. I acknowledge your struggles to adapt to new forms of athletic training and practicing, and I hope that our sports section this fall provides readers with a glimmer of hope and something to look forward to as we move through this semester. I know that all of our incredible athletes will come out of this unconventional time with stronger bonds than before. I cannot wait to see what amazing feats our athletes perform both on and off the field. 

All my best, 

Ashley Wall