COVID-19 by the numbers

By Donald Halsing, News Editor

By Kathleen Moore, Design Editor

Week of 3/27/2020 MassachusettsUnited StatesWorld
Infection rateper 1,0000.2667Or 0.03%0.1653Or 0.02%0.0382Or 0.004%
Death rate per infectionper 1,0008.1610Or 0.8%13.5346Or 1.4%43.7595Or 4.4%
Death rate per capitaper 1,0000.0022Or 0.0002%0.0022Or 0.0002%0.0017Or 0.0002%

Top five cases by scope

MassachusettsCases by countyUnited StatesCases by stateWorldCases by country
1. Middlesex (446)2. Suffolk (342)3. Norfolk (222)4. Essex (177)5. Worcester (129)1. New York (26,358)2. New Jersey (3,675)3. California (2,511)4. Washington (2,460)5. Massachusetts (1,838)1. China (81,498)2. Italy (53,578)3. Spain (24,926)4. Germany (21,463)5. Iran (20,610)

Calculations were made using data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, WCVB Channel 5 Boston, and the U.S. Census as of noon March 26. 

About 4.4% of people who contracted COVID-19 worldwide have died.

Four thousandths of a percent of the world’s population has contracted the virus, and 0.0002% of the world has died from COVID-19.

In Massachusetts, almost 2,000 people have contracted the virus. Middlesex County has the highest number of cases in relation to all other counties. 

Fewer than 1% of people in Massachusetts who contracted the virus died as a result.

In the United States, over 50,000 people have contracted COVID-19. The majority of cases are in New York state.

Fewer than 2% of people in the United States with Coronavirus have died from it.

Worldwide, almost 300,000 people have contracted COVID-19. China has the greatest number of cases.

Fewer than 5% of people around the world who had the virus died as a result.

The Gatepost will continue to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and publish a weekly analysis of the latest data.