Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star “shook” the internet

By Cara McCarthy
Associate Editor

The launch makeup fans – including myself – have been waiting almost an entire year for what has finally happened.

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson recorded the biggest launch in Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) history on Nov. 1, according to Star.

And while the company is still waiting on the final results, the launch may have been the largest in makeup history.

The internet was flipped upside down when Dawson and Star decided they wanted not only to collaborate for the makeup collection, but to film an entire series for Dawson’s YouTube channel, which dug deep into the creative process that producing makeup entails.

Dawson, who is no stranger to the internet, having started his YouTube career in 2010, said he had no experience with makeup whatsoever. Because of this, many beauty gurus thought this collection would be a flop.

Boy, did they prove them wrong!

The collection, which ranges from the “Conspiracy” eyeshadow palette to pig-shaped mirrors, sold out in under 30 minutes – that is after you ignore the fact… that they literally broke the internet.

As someone who anticipated launch day since I first heard about the collab, you can imagine I was on my laptop at 12:59 p.m., ready to refresh the page the second the clock struck one – only to see the JSC site had completely crashed.

The retail platform JSC uses for the company – Shopify – was not properly prepared for the amount of traffic the launch would bring in that day and crashed before the collection went live.

Still, after fighting with my computer, pulling the store up on my phone, and waiting for nearly an hour, I finally got the two eyeshadow palettes, “Conspiracy” and “Mini Controversy.”

The palettes – whose shade names feature many of the catch phrases Dawson has coined over the years – are two of the most creative and intricate works of art I have ever seen.

The “Conspiracy” palette utilizes JSC’s coveted trunk design, and takes it to a whole other level of creativity. Instead of the flat-top design of the “Blood Sugar” trunk – another JSC palette – Dawson chose to amplify their conspiracy theme and make the top a pyramid-trunk hybrid.

While the design of the packaging is incredible, the amazing part about this palette is the wearability.

The 18-shade palette uses JSC’s buttery, vegan formula, and has a mix of matte, metallic and foil eyeshadow shades.

Star has been praised – and sometimes criticized – in the past for the outlandish color stories used in his palettes, but Dawson wanted to create something for everyone.

The top row, which consists of shades such as “My Pills,” “Tanacon,” “Diet Root Beer,” and “Just A Theory,” were created for those who want an everyday, neutral eye look.

But for those who may want a creative look, they made more colorful shades, such as a neon yellow, “Food Videos,” a mint-green, “What’s The Tea?” and even an alienish shimmery-green shade, “Illuminatea.”

However, as amazing as this palette is, it does have its fair share of backlash.

From using shades such as “Tanacon” and “Pig-ment,” I have noticed some of the matte shades experience a little bit of fallout. To avoid this, it may be in your best interest to use a fluffy, synthetic brush and very lightly tap into the shade.

As anyone who has used JSC eyeshadows in the past knows – a little really does go a long way.

This palette is truly made for everyone, from those just starting out in makeup, to the most experienced makeup artists.

And that’s the tea.

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