SGA discusses course registration issues

M.I.S.S. presents their funding request to SGA. (Amanda Garny / THE GATEPOST)

By Abigail Saggio

Staff Writer

SGA discussed issues regarding course registration, parking violations, and the renaming of North Hall at their Nov. 5 meeting.

During open forum, many members of SGA detailed their own experiences with issues regarding course registration and the Registrar’s accessibility.

Student Trustee Olivia Beverlie said, “The Registrar has told me twice now that I should be able to register for this class because they overrode it, but I still can’t.”

Beverlie said she was unable to contact the registrar’s office during the registration period.

“The fact that I couldn’t call Friday night when I was registering because their office closes at 5 – right when you register – is extremely frustrating. I had to sit on my hands all weekend wondering what was going to go on,” Beverlie said.

Vice President Abigail Salvucci said she also had issues while registering for classes due to not having the correct PIN number for her account.

“No one had my correct PIN for registration this year … because I had the wrong PIN, I went to register at 5 p.m. and I could not get any of my classes. I couldn’t register,” Salvucci said. 

She added she was unable to register for classes until Monday morning.

Salvucci said the Office of the University Registrar should be more accessible to students during the course registration period.

“I really think that there should be someone there when registration is going on, because [during] every single registration, the office is closed. … Every student registering can be affected,” Salvucci said. 

Senator McKenzie Ward said some students are unhappy with the use of Mary Miles Bibb’s married name for the renaming of North Hall.

Ward said some students believe using her married name, Bibb, instead of her maiden name, Miles, is “taking away the significance of renaming it in honor of her” because she “was only actually married to her husband with the last name of Bibb for six years.”

Beverlie said the signed petition approved by the Department of Higher Education to rename North Hall used Bibb in its title. 

She said a new petition would be needed in order to use Bibb’s maiden name – Miles.

“At this point, it’s not really something in our control to fix,” Beverlie said. 

Senator Mariah Farris said a student was issued a parking violation in the lot next to O’Connor Hall for reversing into a parking space.

Farris said the student went to the Dean of Students in an effort to appeal the ticket, and the Dean of Students told them to speak to SGA.

President Matty Bennet said all concerns regarding parking violations must be handled through the parking clerk, but concerns about any policies and procedures are welcomed by SGA.

“I’m more than happy to reach out to campus police and ask them what their procedures are and tell them that they need to make them more visible to students,” Bennet said.

In other business, Bennet appointed Junior Matt O’Sullivan parliamentarian. 

Senior Destiny Phaire was also sworn in by Bennet as senator.

SGA approved three funding requests for Brother to Brother, M.I.S.S., and Black Student Union (BSU).

Brother to Brother’s request to travel to the Black, Brown, and College Bound Conference in Tampa, Florida March 6 to 9 included four tickets for members of their executive board and two tickets for travel staff members.

The request was approved for the full amount of $8,909.06. 

M.I.S.S. presented their funding request for their third annual “Art in the Dark” event being held Dec. 6. 

Finance Committee approved the funding request Oct. 21. At that meeting, M.I.S.S. requested $318.20 for a backdrop and $449.90 for photo booth props in addition to their original request for $9,132.54.

During the Senate meeting, M.I.S.S. said the backdrop and props will be reused for future events.

The funds will cover the costs of artists, performers, decorations, as well as on- and off-campus catering.

SGA approved the request, including the extra amount requested, for a total of $9,900.64.

BSU requested $18,627.94 for 50 students and two travel staff members to travel to Richmond, Virginia Feb. 14 to 17.

Finance Committee approved the funding request of $15,368.12 to fund 34 students and two staff members. 

The cost covers hotel, travel staff member meals, admission to the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia, as well as hiring two bus drivers.

BSU President Phoenix Harris said BSU requested an amount to cover the cost of 50 students last year, and was approved for 32 students, all of whom attended.

SGA allocated $15,368.12 to BSU from SGA’s unallocated account for FY20. 

BSU plans to sell tickets for the trip for $80 each through ABC Ticketing.

In other news:

The “U-Rock” award was presented to Bennet. The physical rock was once again absent.

[Editor’s note: McKenzie Ward is a member of The Gatepost.]