Pretrial conference held for former student Rufus Rushins

Courtesy of Framingham Police

A pretrial conference was held in Framingham District Court Nov. 5 for former FSU student Rufus Rushins, 23, to check if he was abiding by the conditions of his bail.

Rushins was arrested and charged by Framingham Police on the count of possession of child pornography in September. He is also being investigated for alleged sexual assault on a 5-year-old child.

At the time, he was still formally enrolled at the University and a member of the football team. He took a leave of absence in response to his suspension.

However, according to Dean of Students Meg Nowak Borrego, Rushins is no longer enrolled at the University, and he does not live on campus. Nowak Borrego declined to comment any further.

At the pretrial conference, prosecutors told Judge Jennifer Stark they were “unable to check on him” and to see if the conditions set at the time of his arraignment were being “enforced.”

These conditions include having no contact with minors aged 16 and younger, as well as having no access to computers and internet-capable cell phones. However, Rushins is allowed to use Tracfones or other cell phones that are not capable of internet access.

Rushins’ lawyers asked Stark if there were any travel restrictions placed on him, as he wants to travel out of state for the Thanksgiving holiday. They also asked if Rushins could purchase a new Tracfone with no internet access, as per the aforementioned conditions.

Stark said there are no travel limitations placed on Rushins and agreed to the purchase of a new Tracfone.

Rushins’ next court date, a probable cause hearing, is set for Dec. 17 at the Framingham District Court.