Carlos’ Call: NFL week 5 is one to forget

Green Bay got a huge win in Dallas, the Patriots and Texans played spectacularly, and the Chiefs finally received their first loss of the season. Sunday, however, did also remind us of what’s wrong with the NFL.

It was definitely not a great week to showcase what the NFL has to offer. There were ugly injuries, blowouts all over the place, fumbles galore, and we can sort of already tell who the true contenders are for the Lombardi Trophy.

For someone who is extremely optimistic, there was a little bit of excitement buried under that mountain of baggage. There is still plenty of time left in the season for one or two more surprising contenders to peak their head out. 

Let’s take a look at what we fully discovered after week 5 of the NFL.

It is time to pump the brakes on the Daniel Jones bandwagon. Jones won in his first two starts for the Giants after Eli Manning went down with an injury. It’s definitely a good sign when your rookie quarterback wins two games in a row. 

However, that does not mean he is ready to shine in the Big Apple just yet. When going up against a tough Vikings team, Jones threw for just 182 yards and an interception while his offense scored a measly 10 points. 

Week 5 can be known as the week where players forgot how to actually hold onto the football. Sunday’s early games were dominated by fumbles. There were 30 forced in the span of 10 games, 12 of which resulted in turnovers. Defenders would approach a ball-carrier with the sole purpose of punching the football out rather than going for the tackle. It’s a move that has been effective at specific moments for years, but this week it proved its value.

The NFL cannot catch a break when it comes to safety concerns. Last week, we had the Vontaze Burfict issue that led to a full season suspension. This week, Mason Rudolph, the starting quarterback of the Steelers, took an awful helmet-to-helmet shot from Ravens’ Earl Thomas and was knocked out cold during the Steelers loss. 

The NFL continued to look even worse when Rudolph was forced to walk off the field after being unconscious minutes earlier because the league did not provide the stadium with someone who knew how to drive the injury cart.

The Dolphins are not yet a lock for the No. 1 pick in the next draft. After a few games into the season, Miami seemed like the worst team we have ever seen, but losses from the Redskins, Jets, and Bengals add more fuel to the NFL’s dumpster fire of awful teams. Fans at Redskins’ FedEx Field were even chanting Tom Brady’s name by the end of the game. 

Week 6 is scheduled to include probably the sloppiest and most entertaining game of the entire season. We get to watch the Redskins and Dolphins battle it out to see who is the king of trash. Although no one is openly a fan of either team, it does not matter. The true winners will be everyone else watching these two embarrass themselves. 

After an awful week 5, one thing stays true: Gardner Minshew II is, and always will be, our hero. He is the one and only thing that I found to be positive from this past week, and he will continue to do so until the end of time.