Men’s Soccer drops to 4-6

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The Framingham State men’s soccer team lost 1-2 to Springfield College Sept. 30.

 Framingham got the kickoff and was immediately fouled by Springfield.

 During the first half – and much of the second – Framingham dominated the game. Along with great communication among the players, there were slide-tackles, bicycle kicks, finesse shots, and stellar passing.

 Although there were more shots on goal from the opposing team, Framingham kept better control and possession of the ball for most of the game.

 There was only one yellow card in the first half, which was against Springfield. But the second half had two – one for each team. 

 Both Framingham and Springfield fought aggressively for the ball, which led to some heated arguments between the two teams.

 In the second half, Dante Mancini scored the team’s goal within five minutes. But not too long afterward, Springfield scored their first goal.

 During the final minutes of the game, Springfield scored another goal to secure the 2-1 win.

 After the game, Dean Nichols – the team’s head coach – talked to the team about how the players’ performances could be improved.

Nichols said, “We are at our best when we keep the ball and don’t give it away. We played negative too often today.”

 When asked about the referee’s calls throughout the game, Nichols said, “The referee’s calls were fair for the most part.”

 The Rams are currently 4-6 and will take on Worcester State this Saturday.