Kaitlyn’s Kosmetics: Makeup is a real art form

By Kaitlyn Cullen
Staff Writer

So many people think wearing makeup, whether a little or a lot, makes you “fake.”

I tend to argue the opposite.

With cosmetics, you can recreate yourself to be whoever you think you are. It is a form of self-expression, much like poetry or oil painting.

Makeup is temporary, easily removed, and so much fun to work with. Some people drape their arms and necks in jewels and chains, but I prefer to express myself where everyone looks first – my face.

On days I feel most like myself, I use my cosmetics for their initial purpose – to enhance my natural features.

I fill in my eyebrows so you can actually see them, cover up the unnatural circles beneath my eyes due to sleep – whether it be lack thereof or in excess – and apply mascara to the invisible tips of my eyelashes.

Other days I feel like a badass, or a flower child, or a femme fatale, and I change my look accordingly.

But I’m still me under the glamour. I am who I make myself.

Even hair dyes are now being altered to be more temporary in order to change up your style every day.

Foundations and concealers are made to fit every skin tone now to suit the consumers’ needs. Even some eyeshadow palettes are designed to match eye color, skin tone, and hair color.

The rise of internet-famous makeup artists has made cosmetic intelligence more widely available and popular. With this, more and more people gain confidence in themselves knowing they can develop the skills to create the perfect version of themselves.

The “perfect version” of oneself varies not only from person to person, but also each day.

If I can’t feel comfortable in my own skin, then I can’t get through the day without a struggle. I dress how I feel, and that’s why I don’t go out for groceries naked. There’s also the argument of evolution making it necessary for us to dress in clothes that protect us from the environment, but then why is the fashion industry now impossible to take down?

My body is not a temple – it is a college dorm room. 

I reside in it, but only for a short time of my life. I can decorate it as I wish, rearrange the furniture, but eventually I will move out and onto the next residence.

Cosmetics allow me to do this nearly every day.

I, along with many others, am able to discover my true self through the use of cosmetics. Testing different looks and matching our moods, it’s how we express what’s inside of us on the outside.

I have never felt more like myself than when I sit in front of my mirror each morning and take out my brushes.

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