SGA allocates large sum to Ski and Snowboard Club

Members of Ski and Snowboard Club present their funding request for their overnight ski trip to SGA. (Ryan Feinblatt / THE GATEPOST)

SGA approved a funding request for the Ski and Snowboard Club at their meeting Sept. 17. The total amount allocated was $13,993. 

The request, denied by Financial Committee, was brought to SGA as an appeal.  

The Ski and Snowboard Club’s two-day Sunday River Trip is scheduled to occur in February 2020.

The original funding request for the trip included an overnight hotel stay, 42 tickets, 10 equipment rentals, transportation, and trip staff. 

In addition to their presentation, Ski and Snowboard Club also gave three alternative options for trip pricing. 

SGA President Matty Bennet then allocated five minutes to senate for questions.

Senator Olivia Rothwell asked, “If you don’t use all the rentals, do you get the money refunded?”

Richie Svopa, president of the Ski and Snowboard Club, confirmed the refund, saying, “The ski resorts are really good about that. They have [refunded] in the past.”

Rothwell also inquired about their upcoming bake sale fundraiser.

Svopa said, “This [the funding appeal] was my main priority this week.”

Rothwell replied, “It’s still early – I was just curious.” 

Olivia Beverlie, acting parliamentarian and student trustee, asked if there was a possibility to move the trip to a closer location.  

Svopa said, “That would be a good option. We have always traditionally gone back to Sunday River. We have a good relationship with them.” 

Rothwell moved to allocate an amount not to exceed $15,958 to Ski and Snowboard Club’s Sunday River trip due to the removal of 10 tickets. 

Danielle Shaw, outreach and events coordinator, debated the amount to be allocated.

Shaw said, “I just did the math … from their original request. That would be 14.5% of our unallocated [budget]. … I believe this is too large an amount of money.”

She moved to make a formal amendment to allocate $0. 

Rothwell did not approve the amendment and the motion failed. 

She commended the club for having brought other options for consideration and having made an effort to work with them, saying, “That’s what we have been asking of clubs – to understand our situation and work with us. 

“They have brought the work to show that they are passionate about this trip. I believe that we should consider these three options before we respond,” she said.

Shaw suggested a one-night stay at a closer resort, given Sunday River has a two-night policy. 

Secretary Lexi Kays asked, “If this [funding request] doesn’t pass, does the deposit for the trip that we already funded go back, or is it binding?”

Bennet clarified SGA eBoard funded Ski and Snowboard Club’s $500 deposit over the summer in anticipation of the funding request. 

According SGA Advisor Sara Gallegos, Sunday River has yet to return their contract, meaning no money has currently been spent on the trip. When the resort processes their check, Ski and Snowboard Club will not be able to get their deposit back.

Bennet moved the senate vote on funding option 1, which would cover 32 tickets, 10 rentals, staff, and transportation. 

Senate opposed the motion 4-3. Bennet entertained a new motion.

Shaw moved to allocate $0, which failed. Rothwell moved to allocate $13,993, due to the removal of five tickets and five rentals.

Senate voted 5-2 in favor of the motion, which passed. 

Bennet moved the meeting forward with an election timeline reminder with Kays. 

Candidates’ Night took place Sept. 19. Interested students will have until Election Day, Sept. 26, to campaign. 

Voting will open on RamLink Sept. 26 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. There will also be a voting station set up in the McCarthy lobby from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The senate meeting concluded with Shaw presenting the “U-Rock” award to Rothwell.