Liam’s Lineup: NFL Week 2: The pats remain on top

After week two of the new NFL season, there is a lot to talk about. 

The New England Patriots are still the best team in the league, especially after Antonio Brown’s impressive first game with the Pats. 

The Miami Dolphins are still the worst team in the league, though things can change in the next couple of years as they have acquired multiple first-round draft picks. 

And yes, Odell Beckham Jr. is still a top-five wide receiver, despite all the speculation that he could not succeed in Cleveland. 

While much has stayed the same since last season, many things have changed.

Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger are both out of commission for a significant amount of time, which has not happened to either of them in years. 

So far in the season, Aaron Rodgers is no longer a top-five quarterback. He only has 412 yards and three touchdowns, and a 36.1 QBR, which is 24th overall for quarterbacks. 

Patrick Mahomes, who is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league, has thrown for 821 yards so far, which is almost double the amount of Rodgers. He also has thrown seven touchdowns and has a 92.5 QBR. 

The gap between Rodgers and the top players this year is further away than it has ever been. 

The biggest change this season, however, is Lamar Jackson’s prolific start. 

Jackson did not start last season until around the end, but he had enough games to try to make an impact. He was able to throw for 1,201 yards and six touchdowns. 

Through just two games this year, Jackson has thrown seven touchdowns, which is already more than all of last year. And he has also tossed for 596 yards, which is nearly half of what he threw the previous season. 

Something that has stayed the same with Jackson is his running game. He has run for 126 yards on just 19 attempts. 

Jackson was already a threat on the ground, but now with his success through the air, he will be one of the most difficult-to-contain quarterbacks this season. 

The Patriots are Super Bowl favorites again – however this year’s team is somewhat different 

The Pats arguably have their best team ever, as Tom Brady – as he has always been – is at the pinnacle of elite quarterbacks in the league, and now has powerful weapons to whom he can throw the ball. This hasn’t been the case for years. 

New England won the Super Bowl last year with Julian Edelman as their only big-name receiver. But now they have Josh Gordon back from suspension, and the always-booming Antonio Brown. Not to mention, Philip Dorsett is playing out of his mind, leading the team in receiving yards with 134, while not once dropping a catch. 

Gordon and Brown have both finished in the top-three for wide receivers in the past, and now that they are on the same team, either one of them – or both – can make it happen again. 

While defenders are keeping an eye on the dominant Brown, Gordon is flashing past them and heading for a deep ball. And while those two are grabbing all the attention, Edelman is waiting for a short pass that he’ll turn into a 16-yard gain. This will be the tale of every game for the Pats offense. 

New England seems completely unstoppable, and their defense has been a brick wall so far, shutting down both the Steelers and the Dolphins. 

The defense leads the league in yards-allowed with 246 yards given up per game. They are also second in both sacks – with eight – and turnovers – with four.

The Patriots are the obvious favorites to win another Lombardi Trophy. 

With so many things changing and staying the same week-to-week, it’s safe to say that NFL football is back and bustling. 

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