SGA invites students to first meeting

From left to right, new SGA eBoard members President Matty Bennet, Vice President Abigail Salvucci, and Secretary Lexi Kays. (Donald Halsing / THE GATEPOST)

SGA held its first meeting of the semester following an ice cream social and interest meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10.

The meeting included an introduction to the new eBoard members – President Matty Bennet, Vice President Abigail Salvucci, SATF Treasurer Driana LeBron, Outreach and Events Coordinator Danielle Shaw, Student Trustee Olivia Beverlie, and Secretary Lexi Kays.

All eBoard members explained their specific roles to the students in attendance.

Bennet discussed his role as the “go-to” person for the faculty and administration, saying the FSU faculty can go to him when they have any student concerns. He added students can also to go to him with any concerns with the faculty. 

Salvucci described her role as the “main line” between clubs and SGA. 

She stated when a club has a funding request or wishes to meetwith SGA, they go through the vice president. 

Aside from being the connection between clubs and SGA, Salvucci’s role also includes making any changes to the SGA constitution and running the Constitution Committee. 

Salvucci said her main goal this year is to “strengthen the connection between SGA and clubs.”

LeBron told students in attendance her role as SATF Treasurer involves hearing all funding requests from clubs and finding feasible ways to fulfill them. The SATF Treasurer also oversees Finance Committee. 

“We are not a bank,” she added.

Shaw explained her role as outreach and events coordinator consisted of planning SGA-sponsored events around campus. The events include the All University Banquet, fundraisers for SGA’s class and club account, and SGA’s Week of Kindness. 

According to Beverlie, Student Trustees’ role is being a line between the students and the Board of Trustees. She attends bi-monthly trustee meetings and represents the students and their needs. 

She said her goal this year is to “advocate for better access to resources for students on campus.” 

Kays’ role as secretary is to keep track of the meeting minutes as well as the attendance and raise any attendance concerns within the organization. She also explained the attendance policy of SGA to the audience. 

Members of SGA also discussed the upcoming election.

Bennet said SGA is seeking a parliamentarian as well as senators. The election will serves to fill positions that were not filled during the last year’s election, as well as positions for the class of 2023. 

Bennet added nomination papers must be filled with 15 signatures in order to be considered for the positions. Nomination sheets can be picked up at the SGA office in the McCarthy Center.

Candidates’ night for the election will take place Sept. 19, 2019. The election will take place Sept. 26, 2019.