Men’s Soccer drops to 1-4

The Rams’ men’s soccer team lost to the Clark University Cougars 4-2 in regulation on Sept. 11.

It was a dominant game for the Cougars, who outshot the Rams 23 to 13 for the whole contest. 

Gustavo Cassemiro was able to put the Rams back in the game right after halftime, and tied it up at 1. 

The Cougars were then able to score two goals in a two-minute span to put themselves up 3-1. 

Bryce Nardizzi put one in the net on an amazing pass by Cassemiro. 

Clark scored again in the 84th minute on Sean Munroe’s second goal of the game. 

Munroe played a great game for Clark with two goals on seven of their 23 shots. 

James Hartshorn did his best to keep the Rams in the contest with a game-leading eight saves, but the Clark offense outplayed the Rams throughout the game. 

After the game, Coach Dean Nichols said, “We need to finish our opportunities on the offensive end. We created a lot of good opportunities to score, but we just need to execute.”

When asked about preparation for this Saturday’s game against UMass Dartmouth, Nichols said, “We need to work on our defense – starting with our forwards. We aren’t putting enough pressure on our opponents and forcing enough turnovers.”

The Rams fell to 1-4 after the loss.

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