Dear President Cevallos:

As faculty and librarians at Framingham State University, we are concerned and alarmed that part-time faculty members among us have neither received their retroactive pay from the collective bargaining agreement finalized in spring 2019 nor been assigned the correct stipend for the work they are doing now, fall semester 2019. President Cevallos, please ask your team to rectify this immediately.

To wit: Full-time faculty and librarians received retroactive pay under the agreement in August. But the Council of Presidents and the Board of Higher Education have failed to complete the calculations necessary to pay those who have taught part-time the retroactive pay increases to which the Council and the Board agreed, and which the Governor and legislature funded. Nor have part-time faculty received contracts for this semester that reflect the per credit pay rate contained in the newly ratified contract. The delay has been inexplicable; it is now unconscionable.

You can appreciate how corrosive to our community values it is to live in a two-tiered system. This failure to pay retroactive funds to part-time faculty reinforces the extent to which part-time faculty, upon whom our students rely just as they do full-time faculty, are treated as second-class citizens. Part-time faculty colleagues include the most economically vulnerable in our teaching ranks. Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, they are hired one semester at a time, one or two courses at a time. Many of our part-time colleagues teach not only at Framingham State but also at other institutions in the region in order to make ends meet.

The MSCA, the statewide union for faculty and librarians at the state universities, has offered assistance to the Council and Board to gather the data necessary to complete the calculations. We urge you and the other Presidents to take up that opportunity, make retroactive payments, and end the waiting for our part-time colleagues, which has now persisted for nearly 1,000 days. Until that time, the MCSA is continuing work to rule across all our campuses.

This breaks our hearts: There are many progressive endeavors – that our FSU faculty are known for – that cannot be pursued because of management’s break of faith with us. Until the BHE and the Council of Presidents fulfill their pledge to pay our part-time colleagues their rightful salaries, we remain on work to rule in solidarity with our part-time, but fully-contributing, colleagues.


Joseph Adelman, Ben Alberti, Lissa Bollettino, Emilce Cordeiro, Joseph D’Andrea, Aline Davis,  Osama Abdelgadir, Joseph Adelman, Sarah Mulhall Adelman, Santosha Adhibhatta, Kaan Agartan, Ben Alberti, Robert Alter, John Ambacher, Dennis Avola, Richard Beckwitt, Lori Bihler, Brian Bishop, Lissa Bollettino, Demetrios Brellas, Conny Breuning, Bartholomew Brinkman, Paul Bruno, Lisa Burke, Kate Caffrey, Kristin Chon, Sarah Cole, Emilce Cordeiro, Colleen Coyne, James Cressey, Wendy Daly, Joseph D’Andrea, Aline Davis, Borga Deniz, Catherine Dignam, Robert Donohue, Jennifer Dowling, Lisa Eck, Mirari Elcoro, Ivan J. Fernandez, Anna Flanagan, Shin Freedman, T. Bridgett Galvin, Zhenguang (Jeff) Gao, Zeynep Gonen, Michael Greenstein, Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz, Carl Hakansson, Bradley Harris, Sandy Hartwiger, Patricia Horvath, Ann Johnson, Robert Johnson Jr., Laura Kane, Amy Knapp, Robin Kolnicki, Andrea Kozol, Werner Krings, Megan Lennard, Aviva Liebert, Phoebe Lin, Halcyon Mancuso, Vinay Mannam, Jonathan Martin, Peter Marton, Susan Massad, Kelly Matthews, Ashley McDowell, Larry McKenna, Deborah McMakin , Jim McQuaid, Karen Medin, David Merwin, Suzanne Meunier, Hedda Monaghan, Matthew Moynihan, Jerusha Nelson-Peterman, Virginia Noon, Carol O’Malia, Laura Osterweis, Judith Otto, Robert Page, Stefan Papaioanou, Yumi Park, Lynn Parker, Michael Pearson, Evelyn Perry, Sarah Pilkenton, Colleen Previte, Sandra Rahman, Ellen Redrick, Lina Rincón, Luis Rosero, Calista Ross, Sandra Rothenberg, Virginia Rutter, Patricia Sanchez-Connally, Lisa Savini, Pamela Sebor-Cable, Kaitlyn Selman, Sagar Shah, Bridgette Sheridan, Ira Silver, Amanda Simons, Vandana Singh, Claudia Springer, Argy Stamatopoulou, Christopher Staniszewski, Leslie Starobin, Niall Stephens, Keri Straka, Derrick TePaske, Patricia Thomas, Zahra Tohidinia, Leah van Vaerenewyck, Dawn Vreven, Shelli Waetzig, Jamie Weiss, Elizabeth Whalley, Karen White, Ellen Zimmerman, Julie Zoino-Jeannetti

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