Kaitlyn’s Kosmetics: Live in Color review

Over the summer, Morphe came out with a rainbow palette, the 25L Live in Color eyeshadow palette.

Many companies come out with some version of a rainbow line or product during Pride month, but not all do it in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Morphe partnered with The Trevor Project to design a palette with a Pride theme. The Trevor Project aims to save young LGBTQ+ lives by providing crisis counseling through texts, phone calls, and online safe spaces.

The Live in Color palette is sold exclusively on Morphe’s website and in their retail stores. According to Morphe’s website, 100% of the net proceeds go to The Trevor Project. The company also gives customers the option to add an additional donation at checkout.

Not only is the outside of the palette aesthetically pleasing, with its sleek design and gold lettering, but the inside is holographic and each eyeshadow is either bright, sparkly, or a mix of both. It has 13 matte colors, eight satin finishes, and four glitter options. It has both a base black and white, a holographic white, three golden shades, two oranges, one red, four pinks, six greens, three blues, and three purples.

Unlike some bright palettes, these bold colors look good on any skin tone. They pop on dark skin and don’t wash out fair skin. Most of the matte colors are highly pigmented, whereas some of the glitter and satin choices are meant to be a top layer or need to be built up.

Most of the cool colors, particularly the blues and greens, stick to the applicator more than your skin. The warm colors – specifically the matte pink, red, orange, and yellow – are so heavily pigmented they almost pop right out at you.

As with most Morphe shadows, every color is easily blendable and will last longer if primed with concealer or eyeshadow primer. I suggest the latter, but the former will do if your products are limited.

Unfortunately, even after the standard application time, this palette smudges easily. A few ways to avoid this are to apply it over primer and seal it with a finishing spray or other similar products. The good news is that no harsh makeup removers are necessary with this product. Soap and water should suffice, with the exception of the shades “Sexuality” and “Parade,” which may need a little extra effort to remove completely.

Internet-famous makeup artist James Charles recreated a drippy rainbow eye look originally done by makeup artist Chloe Fitzpatrick, and his look was featured on Morphe’s Instagram account shortly after the palette was released.

Overall, I give this palette an A-.