Senior Letters

The past four years have been filled with countless late nights at The Gatepost, dozens of academic papers, and endless cups of coffee. Through all of that, there have been many people who transformed my college career and for that, I can’t thank you all enough.

To my best friend, Jill: Your determination, intellect, and sense of humor are forces to be reckoned with. Thank you for being my sounding board and support system for four years.

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To Lizzy: You may be small in size, but you have a huge heart.

To The Gatepost staff: You all have proved time and time again that greatness doesn’t come to those who work alone. I am lucky to work with such intelligent and dedicated human beings. You have made me a better leader.

To Desmond McCarthy: Thank you for your sage advice, friendship, and mentorship. Your dedication to our Gatepost family means the world to me.

To Liz Banks: Your passion for journalism is unparalleled. You are truly a badass.

To Gwen: You have made my tenure as Editor a breeze and I am so thankful you joined The Gatepost family.

To my parents: Thank you for always encouraging my (annoying) curiosity as a child and for fostering my love of reading.

To my brothers, Davis and Race: I would not be me without you two. Thank you for teaching me to always speak my truth. I love you.


Bailey Morrison

I have a lot of people to thank for guiding me through four years at FSU, so instead of a sappy introduction, I’ll just jump right into it and save all the sap for later.

Thank you to The Gatepost: Our staff is made up of the most dedicated, intelligent, hilarious, and empathetic people I have ever met. You all made endless Thursday nights crying over crashed InDesign files bearable. You motivate me to do better.

Thank you to Desmond McCarthy: You believe in me so wholeheartedly that it feels like blasphemy to doubt myself. I am incredibly honored to have you as a teacher and a lifelong friend.

Thank you to Liz Banks: I am inspired by your constant poise, intelligence, and fire. You keep The Gatepost grounded.

Thank you to the English department: The English professors at FSU are enthusiastic, dedicated educators who taught me about books and writing, but also about empathy and the excitement of discovery.

Thank you to Residence Life: My two years as an RA were filled with laughter, community, and growth.

Thank you to ASB: From New Orleans to Memphis, I had some of my happiest moments with you all.

Thank you to Bailey Morrison: You are the best friend I never asked for and probably don’t deserve. You make me better and keep me from going crazy. I can’t wait to live in our Death House together.

And finally, thank you to my parents: Your endless love and support – your excitement for everything I accomplish – drive me to become the best and happiest I can possibly be. I love you to pieces.


Jillian Poland

Dear FSU,

You were everything I thought you’d be and nothing like I thought you’d be.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

I did things I never thought I’d do.

I fell in love with my major and landed an internship that got me my full-time job. I want to thank the communications department for fostering a creative environment and supporting me in my thesis.

In my time here I learned more about myself and other people by growing and challenging myself as a person.

I couldn’t have done any of that without being a part of Dance Team or being an RA.

I want to thank Jill Hayward and Marcie Dineen who always believed in me and the Dance Team. To my team throughout the years … thank you for pushing me mentally, physically, and emotionally. And to my officers: Nicole, Sam, Gab, and Haley … you’ve become like sisters (literally). I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished here.

And to my RA job – I believe I am the person today because of you. Thanks to the entire Residence Life staff for being so positive and helpful in every situation, especially David Case. Your constant support and pushing me to always be better has meant so much to me. To my RA staffs over the years … you’ve become some of my closest friends.

When I think back about my time here at FSU, I’ll think about all of these amazing people I got to spend my time with.

Thank you,

Sydney Chase

In my time at Framingham State University, my desire to pursue a career in chemistry has been influenced immensely by the amazing chemistry faculty that we have here at FSU.

Thank you to Dr. Waetzig for being the most receptive and caring advisor during the time I have spent in your classes and research laboratory. Most importantly, I would like to thank you for all of the extra time you carved out of your busy schedule to help me not only in my research, but in helping to plan the next steps of my life.

To Dr. Cok, for guiding me through my course selections, helping me realize that I definitely did not want to be a medical doctor, and providing me with an opportunity that ultimately shaped the direction of my life.

To Dr. Pilkenton, for allowing me to continue to pursue my interests in the applications and upkeep of analytical equipment, as well as continually providing NMR support for my research even when you had a plethora of other tasks to complete.

To Dr. Marcum, for providing me with support and guidance as I worked through some of the most challenging courses I have ever taken.

To Dr. Dignam, for providing me with multiple on campus opportunities both in and out of the laboratory which have given me the ability to see chemistry from many new perspectives.

There is not enough room in this letter to address every faculty member I wish to, but just know that you have all left an impression that will last a lifetime.

And just one last thing, Boiler Up!


Joshua Rumple