Gatepost Grievances: Dining services, give students satisfactory food

While the FSU Dining Commons has a variety of options to choose from, it’s a far cry from gourmet cuisine.

It’s not “food” if it tastes six months expired and undercooked.

For starters, the choice selection is non-existent. You want a salad? Great! Help yourself to the same options at the salad bar that have been present since September.

Sodexo has a text line which students can send their feedback to. One student requested more berries at the salad bar. There are berries at the salad bar … but not very often.

Although the line is open to student comments and concerns, there does not appear to be any changes made to the dining commons menu since the beginning of the semester.

In general, choice is limited at the commons. The main line at Classics 1839 serves chicken 50% of the time. There’s beef and pork some other times, but it’s primarily chicken: baked, broiled, or fried.

Not only are we eating chicken half the time, it’s being cooked the same way, over, and over, and over again. But sometimes, it is not even cooked thoroughly.

There’s an endless variety of chicken recipes: browned chicken fricassee, parmesan broiled, Carolina chicken, country kettle, orange glaze, chicken jambalaya … we’re tired of lemon and lime chicken recipes.

Do you want to cook your own meal? Cool! Head over to UCook where you can stir-fry the same chicken, rice, and vegetables for every meal.

It’s great that we can teach college students how to heat up pre-cooked food in a pan. However, some of us actually know how to cook, and it’s demoralizing that the kitchens in the residence halls are better equipped than UCook.

And hey, don’t forget about Magellan’s. You may be hungry for an appetizing breakfast in the morning but don’t be fooled: the only option you’ll get is your choice of omelet.

Framingham State has also begun to offer a new option this semester: their weekly food bar at Classics 1839. It sounds neat in theory but eating the same tacos for a week gets old.

Frequently, similar options are available at both the bar and the main line. Have your choice of two kinds of mac and cheese. If there’s going to be a buffet – it should offer something else.

Even better, the food has degraded in quality since the beginning of the semester. Have you ever really examined the texture of a hamburger bun? Have you ever tasted cardboard? I have at this school.

So dining services: instead of spending $330,000 on unnecessary – and frankly lousy – renovations, perhaps you should have used the money toward what the dining hall is really about: the food.

Here is what we suggest:

Place yourself into the shoes of students. Would you want to consume the same mediocre, unappetizing meal plan every week?

Try to come up with meal selections that you haven’t tried before. It would be a good opportunity for both students to broaden their taste palette and for the dining hall employees to express their culinary creativity.

If you are going to ask for student input through surveys and anonymous text lines, actually apply their feedback in a timely manner and for more than one week.

So, dining services, listen up and give students satisfactory food back.

[Editor’s note: Gatepost Grievances is a bi-weekly column. The opinions of the authors do not reflect the opinions of the entire Gatepost staff.]

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