Minimal campus climate survey participation discussed at SGA meeting: senate ratifies more bylaws and discusses the future of the organization

SGA eBoard listened to Gonzalez discuss the results of the campus climate survey. (Donald Halsing / THE GATEPOST)

Millie Gonzalez, interim chief diversity, inclusion, and community engagement officer, presented the results of the campus climate survey to SGA April 23.

Gonzalez said, “The campus climate survey is so incredibly important because it informs so many decisions.

“We had a very dismal response rate,” Gonzalez added when discussing the results.

She said most of the students who did participate in the survey did not answer the demographic questions or write any comments.

Lexi Kays, class and club treasurer, asked Gonzalez if she had an exact number or percentage of the students who took the survey.

Gonzalez reported approximately 196 students, or 3% of the student population, took the survey.

Kays also asked how students were informed about the survey and where students would have found it.

Gonzalez said the survey was open for “four consecutive weeks” and there were reminders sent to students’ emails every week encouraging them to take the survey.

She added faculty and staff were also sent emails asking them to tell their students to take it.

Kays said, “I don’t think I ever received an email.”

She added, “I feel terrible I didn’t take it.”

Senator Kephi Alkay said she also did not receive the survey in her email.
Gonzalez said they did not have were incentives for students to take the survey, which may have contributed to the low response rate.

Alkay suggested students may respond better to homework or extra credit incentives from professors for taking the survey.

She added, “3% is not a good representation of the student body at Framingham State.”

Gonzalez said Bridgewater State University conducts its own survey and offers free parking spots as incentives.

SGA President Ben Carrington said, “Everyone needs to be involved in the University. We’re a community.”

Gonzalez said she hopes the University will conduct another campus climate survey in the fall semester – hopefully, with increased participation.

SGA Vice President Matty Bennet introduced changes to the bylaws in Article II, which governs travel and conference guidelines.

He said the biggest changes were made to section 3: the “funding and conference” section.

Bennet added, “This isn’t all new information. It’s just restructuring and the addition of some language.”

He said one of the changes includes the removal of the requirement of the travel report. Instead, clubs will be required to submit a written report to the SGA executive board.

Bennet also introduced an outline to the committee structure saying, “We outline them in the SGA bylaws, but they are not described and the makeup isn’t written down.”

He said the outline would become Article I of the SGA bylaws.

The votes to approve the changes to articles I and II were unanimous.

In other news:

  • Senator of the Month was awarded to Amber Magin.
  • eBoard Member of the Month was awarded to Matty Bennet.
  • Matty Bennet gave the U-Rock Award to Amber Magin.