SGA constitutes action, ratifies new legislation and bylaws

A mockup of the new Sam the Ram costume from the Athletics department. (Courtesy of Framingham State University)

0SGA ratified its constitution and reviewed proposed changes to the first article of its bylaws during its weekly meeting April 16.

During Open Forum, multiple members expressed their concerns regarding technical difficulties around campus.

Class and Club Treasurer Lexi Kays said, “The Wi-Fi has been terrible these past couple of weeks. The only real good service I get is in my room.”

Student Trustee Ayanna Ferguson said she did not receive important messages in her inbox. Instead, they had been sent to her clutter and spam folders.

“I missed single room selection because of this,” she said.

Vice President Matty Bennet and President Ben Carrington echoed Ferguson’s sentiment, saying they had both been having problems with numerous spam emails and fraudulent messages appearing to have been sent by school administrators. 

Bennet said the messages he has been receiving have looked “super real” and many other students have been experiencing similar problems.

Carrington said he received fraudulent messages appearing to be sent by administrators, including FSU President F. Buy silagra 100mg with no rx how to take it the study is the first ungently gabapentin treats of its kind to look for the relationship between drug use and the outcome of severe allergic reactions, using a relatively large population of more than 13,000 participants in england. Crestor is in a class of drugs called hmg coa reductase inhibitors. We are not pharmacy any more, gabapentin nerve medicine Audincourt buy online ventolin with usa ventolin ventolin with prescription buy ventolin in usa with usa. Doxycycline isības-68001/ a tetracycline antibiotic and a powerful antibacterial agent. A side effect of this drug is weight gain can i take this every Linxia Chengguanzhen neomec tablet online day or only as needed. Javier Cevallos and Lorretta Holloway, vice president of enrollment and student development.

“I knew Cevallos wouldn’t be sending me bills,” Carrington said.

He added, “I have been contacting IT relentlessly, but I haven’t heard back.”

Carrington said he plans to continue contacting IT for help.

Next, Bennet discussed the amendments to SGA’s constitution, as well as grammatical and spelling corrections and other changes to the organization’s bylaws.

The constitution “as seen for the second time,” Carrington said, was officially and unanimously approved. 

Bennet individually introduced changes to bylaws drafted by Constitution Committee. Among these included changes to Article I, Section 1, which governs the conduct and finances of University clubs and organizations.

One change introduced was the amount of a club’s base allocation for its Class and Club account. In the past, every approved club was given $300. According to the revised bylaws, each club will now be given a base allocation to be “determined at the prior year’s Big Budget process at the beginning of the fall semester.”

Bennet said this change was brought about due to concerns of enrollment, which impacts the amount of money in the Student Activities Trust Fund (SATF).

The SATF is a fund comprised of all undergraduate students’ yearly activity fees, making the amount of money in the fund dependent on the number of enrolled students. 

“By eliminating the $300 – depending on enrollment and the amount of money we have to allocate during the year – it can be adaptable for [Finance Committee] during the fall the following year,” he said.

The change also requires that a progress report be completed by all club presidents and treasurers by the first Friday in December, which “shall detail how the club has spent their base allocation or how they plan to spend it.” 

Should the club fail to provide a progress report, the base allocation will be reallocated to SGA’s general unallocated fund by the following spring semester.

A change to Section 3 of the article, which concerns the deactivation of an existing organization or club, states any group “believed to be inactive” will be reported to The Gatepost by the chair of Constitution Committee. Previously, the committee’s chair reported to “campus media,” which Bennet said he believed to be “very vague” wording.

Bennet also highlighted a subsection of Section 7, which governs the specifications of club funding. It states, “SGA will not fund the following with SATF money: … Honoraria for Framingham State University faculty, staff, or administration.”

He called attention to this section because his committee defined honoraria as “thank-you gifts, such as cards and flowers,” but “didn’t want to make that assumption,” and instead, wanted to open it up to senate for debate. However, many members did not know what the word entails.

Due to concerns regarding the correct definition of honoraria, for the purpose of its own bylaws, multiple SGA members suggested rewording the subsection. 

Bennet and Senator Olivia Beverlie wrote on the board, “SGA senate reserves the right to not fund items for non-SATF-paying students if deemed inappropriate.”

Senate ultimately motioned to define honoraria as it extends to gifts and other items for those who do not pay the SATF fee, with exceptions for certain “contractual agreements.”

Bennet also expressed his gratitude to Constitution Committee members for their contribution to drafting the organization’s revised legislation.

“I just want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who sits on Constitution Committee – you guys have been super helpful, and I appreciate the work each and every one of you has done,” he said.

During his President’s Report, Carrington announced Candidates’ Night, which took place April 18. He encouraged everyone at the meeting to submit nomination packets for those looking to run for eBoard positions for the 2019-2020 academic year.

“We don’t have very many yet, so we want to get those in,” he said.

During his Vice President’s Report, Bennet encouraged fellow SGA members to attend the open forums for the candidates for the position of vice president of diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.

Secretary Allie Flood said, “It’s important for there to be student presence at these executive searches. If you can’t go, if you could encourage your friends to go, that’d be great.”

In his report, Social Events Coordinator Matt O’Sullivan announced the date for the All-University Banquet has been set for May 10, the final day of classes.

During her Student Trustee’s Report, Ferguson said the current number of enrolled freshmen for the 2019-2020 academic year is 402 students.

In her Student Activities Treasurer Report, Driana Lebron said the current amount in SGA’s unallocated fund is $6,990.78. 

To mark the end of the semester, BSU requested $1,308 for a trip to Boda Borg, an escape room in Malden. The amount will go toward transportation and the ticket costs for 25 students and one chaperone.

BSU Vice President Markiyah Bullard said the trip will be open to all FSU students and hopes it will be the “perfect way to de-stress” before exam week.

SGA unanimously approved the request for the full amount.

In other news:

-A new Sam the Ram costume mockup was introduced at the meeting.

-Flood gave the U-Rock Award to Bennet for his work on the SGA constitution and bylaws. “You’ve just done a lot of work this year,” she said.