FSU athletic facilities: A dead weight

It’s time we discuss the sadness of the weight room here at FSU.

Built in 2001, the gym is really starting to show its age. Offering missing dumbbells, seemingly broken treadmills, cables that get stuck halfway through a movement, deadlifting platforms that also serve as squat racks, and pin-loaded machines, students are growing frustrated with the quality of the gym’s equipment and overall space.

According to the FSU Rams Athletic & Recreation Center’s website, the building cost $12 million when it was built 18 years ago. And while we should all be grateful to have a space to work out freely available to us, some of the outdated equipment is hampering students’ workouts.

Walk into the gym, and after you try to find a spot on the counter for your belongings, try to use the first lat-pulldown cable near the mirrors.

Is it getting stuck no matter how light your weight is? Sounds about right.

While there are two separate lat-pulldown cables available, if the second one is in use students, have to change their workout on the spot, find different equipment, and find a new space.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put my stuff down by a bench, went to get some equipment, and came back to see the bench I was about to use is being dragged over to the squat racks.

Yes, an easy solution would be to go over and ask for my bench back – or, there could be an adequate number of benches, so students don’t have to watch as someone lugs their bench across the weight room while they’re gone.

Something as simple as finding a barbell clip to secure plates can become a scavenger hunt in the FSU weight room.

Aside from a shortage of equipment, students are also dealing with a lack of space to actually move around.

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Health and fitness are growing in popularity, and more students are realizing the benefits of exercising regularly. However, when someone new to the weight room sees a packed gym, they can get intimidated and leave.

As I said, we should all acknowledge that we’re lucky enough to have access to the weight room. But let’s compare Framingham State to Worcester State – two state schools which are relatively close to each other, similar in student population, and in the MASCAC athletic league.

Worcester State completed its $56.2 million renovation of their wellness center in 2016, which included a complete revamp of the school’s weight room and gymnasium. An athletic recruit looking at both FSU and WSU could use the quality of the weight training facilities to help them make their decision.

A major factor in all of this is the budget – and while we must be practical in requesting ways to enhance the weight room at FSU, students across campus agree it is in need of some refreshing.

I’m not sure how many more times I can hear, “Do you mind if I hop in for a set?”