SGA speeds through changes to clubs’ constitutions: Student organizations, including SGA, motion to pass multiple amendments

SGA eBoard discusses changes to Education Club’s constitution. (Donald Halsing / THE GATEPOST)

Dance Team President Sydney Chase and Treasurer Samantha Benoit gave a presentation to SGA at its weekly senate meeting April 9. 

The presentation consisted of photos and anecdotes from their trip to the Jump Dance Convention in New York City.

Chase said, “It was a pretty good networking event for us.”

Education Club presented proposed changes to their current constitution. The first revision was found in Article II, which modified the purpose to be more inclusive of current club practices. 

Education Club President Jennie O’Leary said, “The officers and I edited the purpose to better reflect what we have been doing this semester and hopefully, what the club will continue to do in the future.

“We previously had six positions, but we narrowed that down to four,” she said. “We took away the publicity coordinator and member at-large positions because our club is very small and we don’t have enough people to have that size of an eBoard.”

The last proposed change was to Article XI. The change focused on the quorum and allows for a simple majority of members in addition to club officers at a meeting. 

SGA Parliamentarian Adam Scanlon moved to approve all proposed Education Club constitutional changes. The motion was unanimously passed by senate. 

SGA Vice President Matty Bennet shared changes made to SGA’s constitution by its Constitution Committee. “This hopefully will be the last round of constitutional changes,” Bennet said.

The first change seen was in Article V. The change would allow the SGA secretary to chair senate meetings in the absence of both the vice president and president, rather than in the absence of the senate chair and vice president. 

Constitution Committee also requested the approval of a formatting change found in section 10 of the article. 

In addition to removing a line, proposed changes to Article VI stated, “The president shall now preside over senate in the absence of the vice president.” 

Article IX was revised to make senator attendance mandatory at annual retreats. The revision included the removal of any senator who fails “to attend any retreat without prior approval of the SGA president.” 

The last proposed constitution revision was seen in Article XI. The article was expanded to include more details to the current policy for recall and removal proceedings. 

All constitutional revisions presented were unanimously approved by senate. 

SGA also saw two different budget requests. HerCampus and Dance Team jointly requested $570.50 for their Self-Care Social. 

The requested amount would go toward prizes, catering, and promotional items. Class and Club Treasurer Lexi Kays motioned to allocate the full amount, followed by a unanimous approval from senate.

Black Student Union also requested $4,616.94 for its upcoming Culture Show and afterparty. 

SGA allocated the full amount,  of which $4,029.54 will be used to buy T-shirts for show attendees. A current FSU student contributed the design for the shirts.

BSU Vice President Markiyah Bullard said, “It’s an opportunity to expose the community to different cultures and celebrate different cultures as well.”