Robbie’s Comic Corner: All Hung up on incest with Koh in tow

Leslie Hung has been regarded in recent years as one of the finest up-and-coming artists on social media, with a hefty following on Twitter and Instagram contributing to her eventual work on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Snotgirl” in late 2016 as lead artist.

However, fame does not equal purity, as this past Saturday has come to show fans of the disgusting-sounding comic on Twitter.

Hung acknowledged a piece of fan art of Dante and Nero from the recently released “Devil May Cry V,” but, unfortunately, it had a strange catch to it.

It was incestuous fan art, given the relationship between the two characters – uncle and nephew.

OK, so, that’s already bad at face value. Hung, then, only managed to dig her grave deeper.

“I’m proud of my input,” said Hung in a Tweet to the friend who drew the art.

The “Robbie’s Comic Corner”-patented “Yikes Meter” just went from 60 to 1,000, really quick.

“But, Robbie, what’s wrong with this? This doesn’t seem like a problem to write about.”

Well, reader, if you haven’t heard this before or live in Alabama or under a rock – let me spell it out for you:

Incest is bad.

Like, really, REALLY bad. Especially bad when you have a public platform like Twitter to promote yourself on.

Unfortunately, Hung is not the only person who had their clown shoes on during the weekend – Irene Koh, another artist on the rise, outed herself as a fan of such heinous artistic depictions as well.

“I feel like enjoying fujoshi fan art is absolutely not an endorsement of real-life incest,” said Koh. “What the heck?”

Yeah, “What the heck” is awfully right, but not for the reasons you think, Koh.

Being “An Old,” as you would say in the Tweet you put out on Sunday, does not excuse this in the slightest – there are old people on this planet who know better. What the actual hell is wrong with you?

Both managed to make their situations worse for themselves, somehow.

Hung began to play the victim and go back on her words, saying that she guesses that she’s “cancelled,” in a Tweet that is, surprisingly, still up. Koh just kept on rambling as the “Old” person she is, making even more excuses in her wake.

More like “playing the dumba**.”

“Robbie, you’re talking down two Asian-American women, though. Isn’t that kind of messed up, given your beliefs?”

Yes, but I would talk down anyone who supports incest, regardless of race.

But, enough about the past – let us look toward the future: in my ideal world, I would want Bryan Lee O’Malley to replace Hung, because I have a good idea of who O’Malley is as a person after all these years in the industry, and I would hope with all my heart that he doesn’t support Hung’s ideals.

A “Rat Queens”-like scenario such as that would be good to save O’Malley’s still infantile intellectual property from sinking. The only problem would come down to scrubbing Hung’s name clean off the production team of “Snotgirl,” given her role as lead artist and co-creator on the series.

As for Koh, well, I just hope that Nickelodeon and Dark Horse Comics keeps her away from working on comics related to “The Legend of Korra” with a 200-foot pole, no matter how good her art was in the “Turf Wars” miniseries.

Both Hung and Koh should be on the top of the comic art world, but, now, they’re scrambling to do damage control to save their crumbling social media queendoms, just because they had to show their nasty true colors when they could’ve just stayed quiet.

Tragic, isn’t it?