Three senators climb the ranks to eBoard positions

Left to right: SGA’s newest eBoard members - Lexi Kays, Abgail Salvucci, and Matty Bennet. (Donald Halsing / THE GATEPOST)

Due to vacancies in several eBoard positions, President Ben Carrington opened the floor to entertain “self-nominations” during SGA’s March 5 meeting.

Senator Matty Bennet nominated himself for the vice president position. His self-nomination was accepted unopposed and the senate voted him into the position. 

Senator Abigail Salvucci was nominated for the ad hoc Publicity and Recruitment chair by Senator Lexi Kays. The nomination was accepted unopposed and the senate voted her into the position.

Kays was then nominated for the Class & Club Treasurer position by Bennet. The nomination was accepted unopposed and the senate voted Kays into the position.

Carrington said, “Now, we have a full eBoard!”

Kays, Salvucci, and Bennet received the “U-Rock” award during the meeting. At the time of publication, both the election chair and senate chair positions remain unfilled. 

During the funding request portion of the meeting, Student Activity Treasurer Driana Lebron was required to orally provide the total amount listed for each request, due to a printing error in the packets. 

The Onyx was allocated $4,500 for the annual publication of their literary magazine and a release event to be held on Apr. 25. “The Onyx” is a literary magazine composed of works submitted by FSU students during the academic year. 

Onyx President Maddison Mayberry said, “It’s created a voice for those who feel that they may not have one.” 

Senator Kayleigh MacMaster asked if the club orders four hundred copies every year. 

Mayberry said, “Typically, we hope for at least four [hundred], to possibly five [hundred]… Last year we were only left with around twenty.”

M.I.S.S. was allocated the full amount of their request – $53.37 for their event “Sisters’ Day Out.” 

M.I.S.S. Treasurer Liraniz Colon said, “We collect donations of dresses, accessories, and shoes for girls who attend Keefe Tech and Framingham High School.” Students from FSU will help the high schoolers try on dresses. 

The funds will be used to purchase supplies for “vision boards.” M.I.S.S. Secretary Paola Bilbraut said, “We just use this [funding] to empower the girls.” 

She added last year, 10-12 high-schoolers attended.

Kays asked if the club was “aware of the fact that we [SGA] can’t really fund for activities that don’t pertain to students on our campus.”

Carrington said, “If this is more of a community outreach type of event, in which it follows their mission statement, then this would still follow the guidelines.”

Senator Michael Tucci asked, “If you guys were allocated more money, would you be able to have more attendees?” 

He added, “Maybe the Fashion Club could work alongside you guys, that they could supply more dresses.”

Later in the debate, Tucci suggested the extra money “could go towards food or coffee for [FSU] students.”

Tucci made a motion to allocate $100, almost double the original amount. His reason was, he said, “It’s difficult for people who don’t have a lot of money to get prom dresses.” The motion did not pass.

SILD Director and SGA Advisor Sara Gallegos gave “preliminary” and “not 100-percent guaranteed” numbers to the senate regarding money returning to the Student Activities Trust Fund (SATF). “Dale [Hamel, executive vice president] has, I think, graciously added in $37,100 back into SATF from his budget for next year’s budget.

“We are going through ticket revenue from all of the SATF-funded events,” she said. “About $9,000-ish will be going back into SATF.”

SATF currently holds $4,776.38 at the time of publication.

During her Student Trustee’s Report, Ayanna Ferguson said, “As of February 26, we have eighty incoming freshmen and twenty-nine transfer [students].” That yields a total of 109 new incoming students so far for the fall semester of 2019.

Salvucci told the senate about an ongoing clothing drive held by Framingham State’s Alternative Spring Break group. 

“There’s this little paper box by the pillar in the entrance to McCarthy,” said Salvucci. 

She added, “It’s a good way to give back to the community.” 

The box will be in the McCarthy lobby until after spring break. Salvucci was also chosen as senator of the month for February.

Secretary Allie Flood reminded SGA members of their obligation to be available one hour per week in the SGA office. Flood told the new senators, “Everyone has an office hour.” 

SGA’s SILD liaison Brendan Fraser said, “We’ve gotten some feedback from some offices saying that there [are] not many people in SGA, and that the office is always closed when students need it.”